Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Start Your Engines!

Where I've been the past week....

The Nascar race in Kansas City! Yes, I like Nascar. It's one of my favorite sports, actually. I have way more pictures from the weekend that what I have here. I'm glad I got that new camera before I went. It was very worth it. We also decided to drive down ourselves instead of taking a bus tour this year. A very good decision! We could eat where we wanted, go to the track where we wanted, go shopping if we wanted to. Plus, it was much easier to drive in Kansas City (outer edge anyway) than I thought it would be. Coming from a smaller town and rural state, I was a bit scared.
One of the nights, we ate at a restaurant called T-Rex. It is geared more towards children, but it was one of the coolest restaurants I've eaten at. Outside, they have a ginormous dinosaur skeleton. Inside, they have all kinds of theme rooms. We ate in the Shark room with a really big octopus as the main attraction. There were also Aquarium, Ice, Sequoia, and Fern rooms. It was quite the experience! I thought about bringing my camera, but thought that might be overkill.

Unfortunately, I also brought home a cold with me. Once I recover from it, I'll get racing (hehe, pun totally intended) on some new things for the shop.