Monday, December 26, 2011

Another year....

Another try at blogging. Let's just face it, I am blog commitment-phobic. I think it's because I tried so hard to be like other blogs before, and failed miserably! I'm not going to do that anymore. Since I don't really have many followers/readers (thanks to those who are sticking with me!), I figure these will just be my musings to the great unknown. What I foresee (should I stick with this, because anyone that knows me knows I have a short attention span), are posts about crafting projects I'm working on, mostly crochet, fitness, music, movies, and books. Hopefully this will be come more interesting the more I keep up with it. If not, I'll try, try again.

I'm currently working on an epic afghan for my sister and relaunching my Etsy shop bigger and better than before. I have lots of new ideas that sprang from a recent commission I received from a lady I work with. So here are stats I'll share weekly, or whenever I post anyway:

Book I'm reading: Alison Wonderland
Afghan Round: 62
Current amigurumi: Dinosaur
Workouts this week: Zilch