Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Work Out...

I decided to get a workout in before I try to hit it hard again starting next week. My big goal is to flatten my stomach and build up strength in my legs so I can tackle hills this summer on my bike. I'm not a dieter and don't intend to be, so the improvements will all have to come from working out. I figure I'll still get ahead, though.

I don't go to a gym because I prefer to make a fool of myself in the privacy of my own home. My workouts consist of spinning, and Jillian Michael's Six Week Six Pack and Killer Buns and Thighs. I have a few other DVD's I throw in once in a while. It seems to be working. I'm not planning on ending up stick thin, though, just improved.

Book I'm reading: Just got The Hobbit from the library, starting it tonight.
Afghan Round: 65
Current amigurumi: Dinosaur still
Workouts: Abs and spinning today